Comparison? Actually, to be realistic, none! It does not even come close. This is because SRS utilizes a unique technology and methodology developed by Dr Kim Youin, Justin of SRMC, Korea. It is multifunctional. It is completely non-intrusive and non-invasive. There are no cuts, no injections, no poking! It is painless. It is safe, simple, fast and natural! It is the world’s first, that is, it is the first to be developed in the world, and it remains the world’s number 1.

Multifunctional Aspects Of SRS

However, for the sake of presenting facts and information, being logical and scientific with clinical objectivity, we show here several aspects of the “comparison”.

It is the first MiDiPlasty technology being rolled out in the world. The results from the use of SRS are amazingly awesome! It is instant! It is real! It is permanent!

SRS and the technologies developed by have received numerous accolades with universal acclaim. They are also well established as the research and development time spans over 20 years. There are so far over 8000 patients who have been fortunate to use the technologies developed by Dr Kim.

There is no other such technology in the world! So far, SR technologies have received numerous national Korean and international medical approvals and certifications.


»» SRS: Comparison With Competitors: Horizontal Point Of View


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