I cleaned up and say SRS laser compared to other existing fractional lasers

    1. The effect of removal of wrinkles is much stronger (neck wrinkle: world 1st)
    2. Low injury of epidermis → downtime → minimize pigmentation
      (F***: pigmentation rate ~30%/ SRS below ~5% estimated)
    3. No crust formation → minimal discomfort, no disruption to social life
    4. Minimize pain
    5. Multifunction such as wrinkle, super-shining, scar removal


Negative Downtime
As there is no disruption to their social life given the fact that the results of each treatment are instantly visible, there is no downtime. In fact, the opposite may even be true: they would look so much better even after a five minute treatment that they want to show off their faces to the outside world. So, it can be said that the downtime is actually “negative“.

So, you heard it here. Negative downtime. Try it for yourself. You would be so eager to go out from the clinic not because you dreaded the treatment, as in a painful and complex procedures elsewhere but because you felt so comfortable and you just want to show off to your friends of your new good looks.

New Technology: New Business Model
As such, it is possible to improve on the traditional business model to provide a cafe or bar within the salon that the customer can have a cuppa before and or after each appointment. So let’s go to the cafe now.

Moreover, for the medical practitioners or the therapists, the SR device is a portable device that they can bring it to anywhere within their own country, let’s say for house call, or they can travel around the world to work, say on their higher net worth clients.

There are just too many advantages with the SR devices. These are power packed devices, designed to be small but created to punch above their weight!

»» Comparison With “Now” World Top Class Competitor


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