It is not an uncommon sight to see huge crowds of patients at the StarRomian Hospital. However, in spite of the current Corona Virus or COVID-19 outbreak, there are still streams of visitors (patients, customers, etc.) from all over the world going to the StarRomian Hospital for treatment.

This phenomenon is not only testimony to the popularity of the SR treatment and methodology, demonstrating in practical terms the efficacy, results, faith, trust and love of SRMC but also the importance of beauty and aesthetics, skincare and lifestyle healthcare that people place in society.

Patients have always been amazed with the results of their treatments which overwhelmingly have exceeded their expectations. It is nothing like what they can achieve anywhere else. SR is simple, natural, safe, fast and the results are instant! SR is purely organic. It improves the skin quality and does not use the metal (knife surgery) or any chemicals!

That there are so many customers streaming in despite of the Corona seems really crazy! They seem to want to come at all costs! As such, we truly appreciate our patients for visiting us!

Still, it is important to place security above all else to protect our patients, doctors and staff at the hospital. As such, more CCTV cameras have been installed for real time scanning and monitoring. [See gallery below.] We hope our patients undestand the precautionary steps we have to take under these extraordinary circumstances.

Thanking you for your kind support and close cooperation. Take care, stay safe, and remain cool…

CCTV Images Showing Patients Coming To SR Hospital


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